Planning Board

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The Planning Board meets to hear applications for land development projects, including subdivisions, and to conduct development plan reviews. In addition, the Planning Board holds work sessions on the fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss pending applications, ordinance amendments, and other planning matters. All meetings are open to the public.

Applications to go before the Planning Board must be filed with the town planner. Applications that are certified complete two weeks (14 days) before a scheduled Planning Board meeting will be placed on the agenda for consideration.

  • Walter Prescott, Chair
  • Nancy Hess, Vice-Chair
  • Charles W. More, Secretary
  • Philip Damicis
  • Richard I. Millar
  • Jacob Patrick Peabody
  • Carolyn S. Richard
Planning Board Duties
The Planning Board prepares and updates the Comprehensive Community Plan and makes recommendations to the Town Council and Zoning Board of Review on zoning matters as needed.

Decisions by the Planning Board, or by the town planner acting as the Administrative Officer, may be appealed to the Zoning Board of Review in its capacity as the Board of Appeal. Applications forms for planning appeals may be obtained from the building, planning, and zoning Clerk.

Development Plan Reviews
Detailed instructions for Development Plan Review can be found in Chapter 18.54 of the Zoning Ordinance. The checklist for Development Plan Review is in Chapter 15 of the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations.

The Planning Board reviews applications for development plan review, major and minor land developments, and major and minor subdivisions. Consult the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations and/or the Zoning Ordinances for additional information.

Federal Programs
For information on federal government programs in Rhode Island related to open space, conservation, and agricultural preservation contact the Natural Resource Conservation Services.

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