Tax Collections


The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collecting and processing of:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Water bills

The Tax Collector is also responsible for issuing municipal lien certificates and conducting tax sales of delinquent real estate.

Tax Bill General Information

Tax bills are mailed in the month of July. If you do not receive a bill, it is your responsibility to investigate whether you have a liability to the Town.

Please note that failure to receive a tax bill does not negate the requirement to pay the tax. All late payments accrue interest.

If you are disputing the assessment of your tax, you are required to pay the original amount billed until you receive notification otherwise.

Important Dates to Remember for 2021 Taxes

9/7/21                   1st quarter payment due

12/7/21                2nd quarter payment due

3/7/22                   3rd quarter payment due

6/7/22                   4th quarter payment due

Returned Check Policy Checks that are returned to the Town for any reason (insufficient funds, closed account, etc.) will be assessed a $25 fee. This fee is required to offset charges assessed to the Town by our financial institution.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please see the FAQs link on this page.