Land Evidence Records

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NOTE: The real estate conveyance tax has increased to $4.60 per $1,000 due to the passage of the 2015 State budget

The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for the recording, indexing, and maintenance of Land Evidence records.

Our records go back to the Town of Richmond’s incorporation in 1747. Documents recorded July 1, 1985 and forward are computer index. Documents recorded July 1, 2005 and forward are digitally scanned. At this time, our Land Evidence records are not available online.

Recordings are accepted in the Town Clerk’s Office Monday through Friday until 3:30pm, with the exception of legal holidays.


Documents for recording can be delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk’s office. Documents presented in person will be recorded and immediately returned. Documents that are mailed must be sent with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check for the appropriate recording fees. Documents are generally recorded the same day they are received through the mail, or the following business day. They are returned within ten business days.

RI General Law section 34-13-7 provides for the fees allowed to the recording officers for recording instruments relating to real estate. RI General Law 42-8.1-20 imposes an additional assessment of $4.00 per instrument filed for recording. 

The fee to record a Municipal Lien Certificate is $8.00. The fee to record a UCC (Financing Statement, Continuation, Amendment or Termination) is $16.00 for a one or two page document; or $32.00 for a document of three or more pages. The additional $4.00 fee is not assessed.

Copies of recorded documents can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office. The fee is $1.50 per page. The fee to certify copies is $3.00 per instrument, in addition to the $1.50 per page. A copy of a non-recorded instrument; or a section of an Assessor’s Plat Map is 15 cents. The entire map can be copied in the Assessor’s office for a fee of $5.00. Reduced maps on 11 x 17 are available in the Town Clerk’s Office for $1.00 per page. Any request for copies submitted by mail must be accompanied by payment in full and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Recording Stamps (PDF)