Building, Planning & Zoning

The Department of Planning carries out all the planning functions related to land use, environmental protection, and economic development required by the Town Charter, the ordinances of the Town, and the laws of the State of Rhode Island, and shall provide administrative assistance to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Review.

The Building and Zoning Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the state building code, the zoning ordinance, and the Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code, and any other function required by the ordinances of the Town or the laws of the State of Rhode Island.


Community Septic System Loan Program:  
Offered by RIHousing in partnership with the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, the State Department of Environmental Management and the Town of Richmond.
The program goal is to safeguard public health and protect and improve ground and surface water resources by ensuring the proper functioning and maintenance of all septic systems in Richmond. The program makes low interest rate mortgages available to Richmond residents to repair or replace failing or substandard septic systems, or to replace a cesspool with a septic system. .
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Hazard Mitigation Plan:
The Town of Richmond has developed a Hazard Mitigation Plan to set forth guidelines of short-term and long-term actions, which will reduce the actual or potential loss of life or property from a hazardous event such as flooding, severe winter storms/extreme cold, lightning, hurricanes/Nor’easters, drought/extreme heat, dam failure, brush fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and solar flares. This plan was constructed using input from a variety of municipal and private stakeholders, and the general public. This plan serves as a guide to help the Town reduce their losses and vulnerabilities relating to natural hazards.    

Building Forms (see Building page for more detail)

Residential Building Permit Checklist
Commercial/Multi-Unit Permit Checklist
Homeowners Affidavit (PDF)
Application for Water Service

Planning Forms (see Planning page for more detail)

Comprehensive Permit Application (PDF)
Development Plan Review Application (PDF)
Land Development or Subdivision Approval Application (PDF)

Zoning Forms (see Zoning Board of Review Page)