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Affordable Housing Committee’s Meeting Schedule (PDF)

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June 15, 2020 Meeting
September 21, 2020 Meeting
December 14, 2020 Meeting
June 22, 2021 Meeting
July 19, 2021 Meeting


The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council and the Planning Board to:

  • Regularly review the affordable housing plan contained in the housing element of the Town’s Comprehensive Community Plan and to recommend updates, revisions, and amendments to the plan.
  • Recommend to the town council and the planning board updates, revisions, or amendments to the provisions of the zoning ordinance relating to production of affordable housing.
  • Promulgate regulations that govern how recommendations for awards of money from the Affordable Housing Fund shall be made, including the procedure for soliciting recipients and the criteria for ranking applications.
  • Review applications for awards of money from the affordable housing fund pursuant to the applicable regulations and to make recommendations to the Town Council for the awarding of money from the fund.
  • Research regional, state, and federal technical or financial assistance for the production of affordable housing in Richmond and to encourage public and private sector partnerships to produce affordable housing.
  • Educate and inform the public and to promote support for affordable housing by sponsoring public meetings, presentations, and workshops and by preparing and distributing brochures and other educational and informational materials.The committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council and the Planning Board.

Awards of Affordable Housing Funds:

The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Town Council concerning the allocation and award of money in the affordable housing fund established by Ch. 3.08 of the Code of Ordinances, and for making a recommendation(s) to the Town Council concerning the use of town property for production of low or moderate income housing. These regulations establish guidelines for how recommendations are made. To review the regulations, please click here.

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