Staffing & Equipment

The Public Works full-time staff consists of a director and five equipment operators / drivers. The staff is available on-call 24/7, from December 1 until April 1. Vacation and personal leave are restricted during this time.

Outside Contractors

The full-time staff is augmented by seven outside contractors during snow events. The contractors are expected to keep their equipment available on an on-call status From December 1 until April 1.


The town operates five dump trucks equipped with plows and sanders, a 4-by-4 pickup truck with a plow, and a pay loader with a 3-yard bucket to load sand /salt at the facility.

Sand & Salt

The town stores salt and sand in an enclosed building with a mixed salt / sand capacity of 450-cubic yards. This enough for three average storms. We can also store an additional 60 yards of salt in a separate enclosed storage bin.


Salt and sand are mixed at a ratio of 3-to-1 - three parts sand to one part salt. The Town of Richmond is aware of the environmental impacts associated with the use of road salt used to control ice and snow.


Recent studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration concluded that salt remains the most effective means of snow and ice control for roadways. The Richmond Public Works equipment operators will make every attempt to treat to the conditions and not over apply or use excessive material, especially in housing plats and areas adjacent to sensitive wetland areas.

Equipment Operation

Equipment Operators are assigned to a specific vehicle and are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the assigned equipment. The operator will ensure that all needed repairs are reported and fixed in a timely manner. After use, the equipment is readied for the next event, fueled, cleaned, and stored in the assigned area. View some of the responsibilities of the equipment operators in the Town of Richmond:

  • Equipment operators shall operated the equipment obeying all traffic laws and operate the equipment with all necessary emergency lighting that is supplied on the vehicle.
  • Equipment operators who are involved in an accident shall report it immediately and notify the Police Department. Any damage done to private property including mailboxes shall be reported to the director.
  • Town equipment will not be used to assist stuck motorists or plow private property unless directed to do so by a police officer, fire official, or other duly elected or appointed official acting on the town’s behalf in an emergency.
  • All town-owned vehicles and private contractor’s vehicles are equipped with two-way radios and can be dispatched to assist other agencies as the need arises. The Town of Richmond maintains the radio license and proper radio procedure will apply.